Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. provides solutions and services across a wide variety of industries, integrating our engineering experience, metal and elastomers manufacturing know-how, and commitment to optimizing and improving in our Research & Development Lab, to offer some of the best products available. We provide flexible structural, pressure-sealing, work-assist, and functional solutions – some of which can be used in multiple locations and industries to perform the same operations or completely different tasks from trade to trade, depending upon how they are used.

To assist our product development/optimization and as a tool to interface with our unique collections of customers across industry, we offer our industrial product divisions — our brands, to help you find the best solution for your needs. Above all, please always feel welcome to give us a call to speak to one of our industry knowledgeable applications and project engineers. We love to hear about your projects or potential problems and are always willing to lend our assistance with previous case studies, product examples, sample specifications, means and methods, and more !

MRD Oil & Gas is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s upstream, midstream, and downstream division of Oil & Gas engineered solutions.

MRD Underwater is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Marine Construction, ROV Tool, and Subsea Engineered Solutions Division.

MRD Nuclear is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Engineered Solutions for Nuclear Power Production, Defense, Research, and De-Commissioning Division.

MRD Environmental is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s designed and developed product solutions for environmental mitigation, containment, and leak prevention verification.

MRD Industrial is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Industrial products division – servicing general manufacturing, industrial automation, workplace maintenance, and other factory support tooling.

SEALFAST® Products are Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s brand of rapid, durable, engineered sealing product solutions, featuring our own trusted SEALFAST® Elastomers Inflatable and Mechanical Seals.