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Leak testing is becoming increasingly more critical in validating everything from formed, machined, and welded parts to most types of connections for mid-process manufactured parts, as final product assemblies, machines, and industrial systems. Fluid leakage can negatively affect process efficiency and product quality resulting in costly or dangerous equipment failures at the customer point of use or further upstream in the production queue, oftentimes resulting in rework.


In today’s manufacturing world governed by strict quality processes, it is often a vital necessity to perform industrial leak testing on your equipment and production parts. Industrial leak testing is not a single protocol; it is a range of techniques and methods that integrate sealing technology and part fixturing to search for defects in component construction, connections, and joint integrity. In most cases, technicians perform these tests by introducing a test fluid into the part or product system. Various monitoring techniques are then employed, including pressure decay or direct leakage flow rate, to assess whether the product meets a pre-determined fitness for use.


Many corporations, public and private organizations, as well as government agencies, set detailed standards governing the allowable leakage rates or general rate of part failure for products and assemblies being tested. Failure to adopt a program of product validation, including leak testing, at your facility may result in regulatory action or costly product recalls in the aerospace and automotive industries. Not only will this affect your revenue and reputation, but it can also risk the health and safety of your employees, customers, and community members.


Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. specializes in developing and refining the necessary tools for cost-effective leak testing in a wide range of applications. Throughout our history, we’ve worked with clients to design application-oriented isolation and testing tools for industries everywhere. 

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Leak Testing for Diverse applications

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has always taken an innovative approach to general sealing and leak testing functions. Manufacturers can incorporate stringent leak testing procedures throughout the assembly process to assure quality at every step. Similar to the diversity of product type and applications we see, our leak testers inherently come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including engineered-to-order for your specific application.


We offer products and services ranging from manual handheld units to fully automated, turnkey leak test systems:


• Automated test units for cooking and frypot welds
• Manual SEALFAST® inflatable or mechanical muffler weld leak testers
• Watercooler Testers – jug and dispenser leak test plugs
• Automotive tube and hose assembly testers
• Plastic injection molded part leak testers
• Industrial and Aerospace tubing and pipeline weldment test equipment
• General sheet metal weldment test equipment
• Standard and custom manual/automated weld, seam, and joint testing
• Appliance and Consumer Goods Testing
• Pressure decay product testing
• Interval/endurance life product testing
• Molded or cast part integrity check

These are just some of our range of essential leak testing amenities. We also offer custom solutions based on in-person reviews of your facility and needs.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi

Leak Testing Is Crucial in Every Industry

Leaks in both your processes and finished products damage your brand and negatively affect equipment performance. Many examples can be drawn from the automotive industry: leakage in fluid transport systems, catalytic converters, or exhaust manifolds, for instance, disrupt essential vehicle functions, throw off sensors, and are likely to directly increase the release of environmentally hazardous gases. Fabrication processes of these components are typically many steps, and if issues aren’t caught early, they directly lead to disruptions in work-flow, costly repairs, or scrap. Ensuring product integrity and fluid containment are key goals for leak testing.


Additionally, fluid leakage can damage internal and external components in surrounding systems and affect the functioning of tools and equipment. In automotive and aerospace applications, it is imperative that hose, tube, pipe, and manifold assemblies do not leak and maintain operating pressures for many years and function at elevated temperatures for many work cycles.  The same holds true for many general and consumer products that generate and transport pressurized fluids at low or elevated temperatures.


Automotive parts manufacturing is far from the only industry that benefits from a regular leak testing schedule. Other industries that rely on leak testing include:


• Energy & Utility Conduits, Fittings, and Infrastructure
• Packaging
• Chemical Processing and Refining
• Oil and Gas Industry Pipe Fittings and Components
• Aerospace Manufactured Components
• Construction Piping and Infrastructure Components
• General Manufacturing Processes and Products
• Consumer Goods and Appliances Manufacturing


In summary, any industry that uses components and assemblies that rely on maintaining consistent pressures, flow, or containment must conduct regular and thorough leak testing.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi

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