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MRD Underwater is our exclusive brand of Underwater Installation Products and Engineering Services. Our enduring relationship with Underwater contractors, technicians, operators, and engineers gives us a deep understanding of the world they work in. This experience allows us to offer the extensive number of the products Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. designs and fabricates to support our clients’ Marine Construction, repair, and service needs. We work heavily onsite with divers, listening closely to what they need to get the job done right the first time, while also allowing us to develop unique product solutions for the wider industry for the more complicated installation spaces and physical limitations that exist while working underwater, offshore, and subsea. We provide tools for construction divers, saturation divers, and ROV operators in diverse settings around the world, usually with rapid lead times.


We specialize in an assortment of Isolation and Test products, including bulkheads, isolation barriers, coffer dams, gates, hatches, specialized valves, and pipe plugs used for sea chest repair, wastewater channel repair, water intakes, hydroelectric dam penstock repairs, grouting repairs, subsea pipeline service and de-commissioning, and more. We also design and manufacture our own line of Subsea Pipeline Connectors, Subsea Clamps, and leak prevention tools for new and existing infrastructure. In addition, MRD Underwater provides Subsea Lifting and Handling tools for divers and ROVs. Our products are used in Marine Salvage Operations, Dry Dock Service and Repair, as well as general ship outboard line isolation and pressure testing. Though many of our standard tools will also work for Underwater and Subsea Service, we offer extensive engineering customizations and application-specific designs to meet your needs.  Many of our products can also be third-party certified to meet your Marine and Offshore safety needs.  


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Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has a huge selection of standard and custom solutions for Underwater Construction and Subsea Diving needs. We specialize in Isolation and Test Tooling, Pipe Plugs, Large Pressure Barriers and Bulkheads, Pipe Connectors, Lifting and Handling aids, and much more for Underwater Service. We serve general, municipal, and marine construction, wastewater treatment, offshore oil & gas, nuclear and conventional power, and hydro-power, to name a few, on a daily basis!

Our ROV Tools and Subsea Remote Installation Products are second to none. We engineer, fabricate, and test our products in the same facility, working hand-in-hand with customer engineers, operators, and ROV technicians to provide the most compatible, lightweight, and easy to use Subsea Products. We provide ROV-installation plugs, isolation barriers, leak repair products, clamps and connectors, and more. Our products are commonly used in subsea pipe installations in oil & gas production and conveyance, hydroelectric dam intake and penstock isolation, dam grout repair, general power plant intake isolation, nuclear reactors and fuel pools, and a host of other industries where remote installation is required or hazardous environments exist.

MRD Underwater | Diver and ROV Installation Products


At Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. we put namesake into practice each and every day. We have been testing and validating both ideas and products in real-life test layouts for our clients to provide track tested, proven products before they ever hit the job site. Our Lab, which includes our Underwater Construction and Subsea Validation testing facilities, provides the perfect setting to interface our products with your divers, underwater technicians, and ROVs. We have nearly every test instrument imaginable, calibrated and ready for use to monitor and verify tool function, structural and pressure integrity, buoyancy, orientation control, and time practice trials. We simulate concrete tunnels, complex flow simulations, and can hydrotest and leak test all of our products, regardless of size. Call us today to take advantage of our test and verification facilities for your project!

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