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SEALFAST® Products are Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s brand of rapid, durable, engineered sealing product solutions, featuring our own trusted SEALFAST® Elastomers Inflatable and Mechanical Seals. Our innovative tools can be found in nearly every industry, from general industrial, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, refinery, offshore oil & gas, fluid transport pipeline, general construction, wastewater treatment, nuclear and conventional power, to underwater construction, and more! SEALFAST® Products cover a wide and diverse range of tooling, including: Leak Testers, Hydrotest Plugs, Packing & Filling Solutions, Annular Seals, General Isolation Barriers, Double Block & Bleed Tools, Pipeline Joint Testers, Pipeline Couplers and Connectors, Nuclear Reactor Isolation Tools, Offshore Drilling Riser Mud Containment Seal Housings, and many other Isolation and Test Tools.

The difference with SEALFAST® Products Isolation & Test Tools and Work Assist Tools, is the seal. SEALFAST® Products use rapid set elastomers to seal against leakage, work-hold, position, lift, and actuate in tooling assemblies and processes. Our products have been developed using cutting edge Linear and Non-Linear FEA tools, have been Researched & Developed in The Lab, and have been field-tested for decades. To cater to the wide range of product size, pressure, and diverse environmental applications we service, we have developed an extensive range of inflatable and mechanical seals that we stock in dozens of material compounds, allowing us to rapidly vulcanize and form seals to nearly any size to apply to our SEALFAST® Product solutions. Experience the SEALFAST® Advantage — high cycle life, resiliency, and flexibility. We’ve seen our seals go up against some of the toughest sealing challenges in the industry and perform successfully, time and time again!

SEALFAST® Products are engineered to solve the problems they are designed for — not a one-size-fits-all tool that never works quite right with real world problems. Call us today to speak with an experienced applications engineer who can guide you through our many product offerings that we’ve seen work many times before. SEALFAST® Products, the right solution, the first time! SEALFAST® is a registered trademark of Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. emark of Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.

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