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In the modern era of oil & gas production, oil companies, drilling contractors, and drilling equipment providers have been focusing more than ever on optimizing drilling and production processes. Most of these improvements focus on cost efficiency, reduced process turnover time, safety, and meeting the ever-increasing levels of environmental controls mandated by statutory and regulatory bodies. Today’s tooling requires reliable operation in the harshest climates, seismic design, resistance to sour gas, as well as ever-increasing temperature and pressure ranges.


Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. specializes in a wide variety of oil & gas drilling and production tooling, from weld and bolt on seal housings to complete design-build drilling stack solutions. We specialize in pressure rated, industry certified, drill through and well control solutions as well as the ancillary structural equipment that supports these product solutions. Our products can be found on and offshore all around the globe supporting land-rigs, offshore platforms, and drill ships. We began by designing and manufacturing mud containment seal housings over 20 years ago and most of our equipment is still in operation, providing maximum flexibility, adjustability, and reliability for decades yet to come.


Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. prides itself on rapid engineering and manufacturing response from custom design adaptations to conventional drilling stacks and systems, and including rapid certification turn-around. Our staff is trained and experienced in the design and fabrication of many offshore drill plant solutions from the drill floor through down hole tooling. We provide an expansive array of drill through stacks and equipment utilizing our SEALFAST® Sealing Connectors; lifting and handling equipment; stack up and make-up platforms for dual purpose; well control equipment support structures; and a host of other customized tools you won’t find anywhere else in one location.

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Low Pressure Riser Drilling Stacks & Mud Containment Systems

By utilizing our time-tested SEALFAST® inflatable and mechanical seals and packers, we are able to offer many flexible and configurable drilling stack solutions. Our products allow users to adjust for the height, angular alignment, and eccentricities in the drilling stack with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Our, fixed, telescoping, and spherical adjustment riser and mud flow line systems can be designed to accommodate down hole pressures from 5-2000 psig pressure ratings, with process mud temperatures of up to 300° F. Our active sealing technology continues to provide optimal sealing on mandrels and reducing faces, even if they corrode and wear over time, leading to lower maintenance costs

Types of Tooling Provided

• Standard Low Pressure Riser Systems and Stacks
• Telescoping Risers / LP Riser Seal Housings
• Reducing Mandrels and Adapter Spools
• Bell Nipple Seal Housings, Mud Boxes, and Bell Nipple Overshot Packer Seals
• Diverter T-Spools and Diverter Overshot Packer Seal Housings
• Telescoping and Spherical Joint Low Pressure Mud Flow Lines (some API® 64 certified)

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Diverter Support frames / diverter Storage Frames and Diverter Process Support Equipment

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. designs and manufactures an assortment of fully certified Diverter and BOP support, restraint, lift, and storage equipment. Most units come certified for offshore portable equipment lifting and can include rated tie-down to deck structural steel for divert and upthrust events. Units can be adapted for integral nozzle load restraint for mud flow lines and safety rated work platforms. These frames are also used as make-up and load-rated hang-off platforms for surface drilling stacks. 

Types of Tooling Provided

• Diverter Support Frames
• Diverter Storage Frames
• High Pressure Telescoping/Spherical Joint Mud Flow Lines

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Offshore Lifting Support, Stack-Up, and Running Tool Solutions

Drilling riser and conductor make-up, hang-off, and stack-up support frames and modules are critical to drilling operations. We fabricate modular deck-slot frames rated to API® structural codes and for use in seismic zones, integrating to existing structural steel for weight and upthrust load transmission. Many of these frames can support dual operations such as lift/lower operations, conductor string cement verification, and manual to automated riser centralizer solutions. In addition to this, Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. provides hydraulic lifting and running tools, split handling clamps and spiders, and through bore access covers for safety. Most of these units can also carry Lloyd’s®, DNV®, or ABS® certifications. 

Types of Tooling Provided

• Modular Drop In Deck Slot Make-Up, Hang-Off, and Stack Up Support Frames
    — Riser Hang-Off & Stack-Up Frames with Drilling Riser Centralizer Capabilities
    — Conductor Hang-off , Lift, and Cement Verification Capabilities
• Split Clamps, Spiders, and Support Plates
• Hydraulic and Manual Running Tools

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Offshore Control Systems

We also design and manufacture an assortment of controls, enclosures, and hose management equipment solutions for offshore use. From ASME® certified pneumatic and hydraulic control panels to CSA®, UL®, and Atex® Hazloc Electrical Panels, we can provide most customized options for low and high pressure maintenance and monitoring for offshore portable or fixed location use. To support our panels, we provide manual and automated hose management systems and fire-rated umbilicals with API® certifications. 

Types of Tooling Provided

• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems
• Hazardous Location Electrical Panels and Cable Systems
• Hose Management Systems and Winches 

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API® 64 Certified Spherical Inflatable Ball Joint Packers for KFDS Systems

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi

Learn More About Our Custom & Non-Custom Production Tooling Options

No matter your specific application within the oil and gas industry, Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. can meet your needs with a combination of specialized product lines and specialized applications of standard products. We feature a wide range of standard products ideal for use both on and offshore, such as our weld testing and isolation repair solutions. In addition to the oil and gas sector, our solutions can be found in nearly any industry that requires sealing, pressure testing, isolation, packaging, or part handling. We can customize most of our standard solutions to fit any unique need. 

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