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MRD Oil & Gas is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s upstream, midstream, and downstream division of Oil & Gas engineered solutions. We provide field proven and shop tested products, including: offshore drilling and production tools; drill through and well control seal housings and connectors; refinery, pressure vessel, and transport pipeline tools; offshore lifting and pipe pulling products; and subsea clamps, connectors, and plugs. Engineered solutions — we do the best work under pressure!

MRD Oil & Gas tools have been relied upon and in service for decades, in some of the harshest offshore, plant, and pipeline applications in the industry. Many of our products meet ASME®, API®, DNV® and other industry standard pressure and structural codes. MRD Oil & Gas also designs many products for NACE® sour gas, high and low temperature, and maritime service. MRD Oil & Gas relies upon our dedication to continuous improvement in our core specialties: our design engineering team experience and cutting edge analysis tools; full production fabrication machine and weld shop; in-house elastomers vulcanization and molding shop; and “the Lab” where we assemble, validate, and R&D solutions before they hit the field.

MRD Oil & Gas has product solutions all over the world, on and offshore, including subsea. Though we have many standard products for sealing, lifting, drilling, and testing, we specialize in engineered, application-specific solutions. We design pressure fittings and devices, drilling support structures, and functional tools the way you want them. MRD Oil & Gas uses maritime and drill plant materials, including several offshore, H2S compatible elastomers in our designs.

MRD Oil & Gas specializes in flexible, easy-to-service products provided in rapid lead times — to keep rigs, plants, drillships, and infrastructure in service and out of maintenance. Give our experienced application engineers a call today and we will help you choose the right solutions the first time!

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