Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has excelled in modular component and turnkey controls, utilities, and test systems for decades. We operate and pressure/functional test our products daily in our onsite Lab and have developed many industry leading tool function and test monitoring systems for our entire product line and beyond. At MRD, we design, build, and test standard to highly customized test operation & results logging systems as well as final product operational systems for use in the factory as well as for use on remote job sites. We also provide controls assembly technician services to meet our customers needs, from component sourcing, prototyping, hydraulic or pneumatic line plumbing, through commissioning of final products.


MRD specializes in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical control panels as well as process supporting pumps, test instrumentation, data logging systems, test carts, manifolds, hose management systems, and more. We supply simple manual test pump, utilities transfer, and monitoring instrumentation for field hydrotesting for tools like pipe test plugs, joint weld testers, and more. We also provide turnkey systems with pumps, operator interfacing controls, and logging capabilities for shop leak testers, for offsite seal housing or connector controls, controls for packing and filling machines, to name a few. Most products can be designed to meet most industry codes, including ASME® B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes, as well as other stringent industry specific requirements. We also assist in design bid development for systems controls by providing preferred industry means and methods as well as feasibility and case studies for past similar projects.


Our proven test systems can be found in such applications as: offshore oil & gas, nuclear power process lines, field construction hydrotesting, industrial lifting & work-positioning tools, and in remote robotic submersible systems. When your solution must work the first time and every time, give our experienced applications engineers a call today!

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Offshore Hydraulic Control Panel

Offshore Hydraulic Portable Control Panel

Pneumatic Multi-Function Control Panel

Pneumatic Control Pendant

Offshore Pneumatic Control Panel with Low Pressure Alarm Light

Offshore Electrical Haz-Loc Control Panel

Mechanial Research & Design, Inc. designs and manufactures a diverse range of pneumatic, hydraulic, general water service, and electrical control panels, pendants, and work stations. We manufacture rugged, reliable, tested, turnkey products with human factors, functionality, and safety at the forefront of every design. Most designs can be made to meet ASME® B31.1 and B31.3 pressure codes and Haz-Loc requirements upon request. MRD provides control interfaces to the construction field services, offshore oil & gas, nuclear process, and industrial leak-testing / work-assist tooling industries. Our products are designed to interface for simple or complex operations for tools such as: industrial automation, work-assist & work-holding tools in the shop, lifting & pulling tools, remote isolation & test tools (via ROV or umbilicals), offshore drilling stack seal housings, nuclear reactor isolation tooling operation, and more. We can design to most materials and pressure requirements for short or long term service. Pressure monitoring sensors, alarms, and feedback circuits available upon request. Need a completely customized solution, no problem! We can build to any application specific request, fabricate, assemble, and test in our shop. Our customers are welcome for all shop pressure and functional tests! UL® and CSA® certifications available upon request.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi


Automatic Powered Hose Reel

Hose Management Systems and Spiders

Hose Assemblies and Umbilicals

Manual Hose Reel Assemblies

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide array of hose management tools and services, including: manually operated and powered hose reels, hose bundle assemblies, umbilicals, as well as in-pipe spider support assemblies. We source the finest quality parts and combine them with our production machine and fabrication shop to offer standard and customized solutions with rapid lead times.


HOSE REELS – From standard manually operated reels from nearly any material and in most configurations to offshore hose reels to powered hose reels, we can build and test them all. MRD can supply pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric powered hose reels and winches for any industrial application.


HOSE ASSEMBLIES AND UMBILICALS – We can build you hose assemblies that last, manufactured using the leading OEM manufactured hoses for general to extreme industrial use. Our designers consider the extreme abuse and critical requirements of industries such as nuclear power, remote underwater ROV deployment, and general field construction, developing assemblies with long life, for human or robotic factors, and fully pressure/function tested before they leave our shop. Most materials and connection types are available, some with low smoke and flame resistant configurations. Pressure certifications available.


OTHER HOSE MANAGEMENT TOOLS – In addition to our other hose reel and hose assemblies offerings, we provide customized hose management solutions, with the technician or the remote robotic installation device in mind. Use our hose carrier & transport products to prevent binding and hang-ups through complicated piping systems, submerged tunnels, and more. Our tools reduce friction, wear, and over-tensioning of critical utility/av lines during installation and removal activities. Looking for a specific solution, call our applications engineering team today and they will assist in defining the perfect solution to get the job done right, the first time.

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Turnkey Pressure Test Systems: Pumps, Hoses, Instruments, Gauges

Manual Hand Test Pumps and Manifolds

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pressure Test Carts

Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Water Pressure Test Pumps

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. can also provide you with all of your field and shop test pump/utility systems, complete with pressure rated hoses, manifolds, test instrumentation, and data logging capabilities. We can provide piece part products designed specifically to a standard or fully turnkey test systems, optimized for your tool and test plan requirements. Whether you are in a shop setting, performing thousands of pressure tests a day or working on a remote construction site, we have solutions for you. MRD offers manual pumping systems through automated pumping solutions for air, water, and hydraulics. We also manufacture shop and field test carts, stocked with manual or automated pumps, test gauges, modular vale assemblies, manifold systems, and more. We build and test functional, pressure, and structural tools daily in our Lab and in the field, let us help show you the most economical, safest, and right tool for each job environment! Designs available to meet ASME® B31.1 & B31.3 power and process piping codes. We also specialize in alarms, pressure monitoring, and safety pressure relief systems in our products. Call today to find out more!

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Pressure Test System Job Trailer

Work Site Portable Pressure Test System Job Trailer
Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. designs and retrofits trailers for work site pressure testing support. Rugged, road-ready, and stocked with your vital test equipment, including: pumps, hose reels, control panels, instrumentation, job boxes, functional test tools, and more, we have you covered. These trailers can serve as a field test command center and are designed for all your data collection/administrative needs, including; av monitoring, heat/ac, office center, and more on demand. Our flexible trailers also serve as long term tool storage containers, keeping you prepared to redeploy at a moments notice!
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Mechanical Pipe Test Plug Line Stopper

Isolation and Test Plugs, Pressure Barriers, Doors, Gates, Hatches, and more!

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Custom Inflatable Rapid Install Leak Test Tool

Standard and customized Leak Testers and Pressure Decay monitoring tools.
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Inflatable Lifting Tool

Tools for lifting, work placement, work positioning, and packing/filling solutions.
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Split Design Pipe Coupler

General Inflatable and Mechanical Seal Housings and Connectors for every shape, size, and pressure!
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Pressure Test Pipe Stand – Ideal for Pressure Test and Isolation Shop, or Site Training

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is an industry leader in standard and custom engineered pressure sealing, functional, and structural solutions. We utilize our application-experienced engineering team, full heavy production fabrication shop, in-house elastomers vulcanization & mold shop, and cutting-edge test/verification center, the Lab, to confirm product solutions before they leave the shop. We live our name every day, researching new solutions, optimizing existing designs, and building from our long history of field proven products for the future. From complex, sophisticated controls systems to turnkey pump, instrument, and hose management systems, we have it all!

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