Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. specializes in standard and custom pressure sealing, structural, and functional solutions.  We are the Solutions Experts!  Most of the products you see below are grouped into five major solutions families plus a host of other industry and application specialty products: Isolation and Test Tools, Work Assist Tools, Leak Testers, Seal Housings & Connectors, and SEALFAST® Elastomers (Inflatable and Mechanical Seals).


MRD Isolation and Test Tools is comprised of our pipe plugs, bulkheads & large isolation barriers, joint testers, double block and bleed tools, annular sealing tools, flange testers, leak & valve repair tools, and much more!  Standard and custom designed pipeline pressure test, tunnel & channel isolation, split wall penetration annular seal, grout form, emergency leak stop, and pipeline progressive weld joint test product solutions, to name a few.


The Work Assist Tools collection includes our lifting & pulling tools, work-positioning & placement tools, work-holding support tools, and packaging & filling tools.  Solutions are available for manual operation through full industrial automation and robotic interface.  If you need to lift it, grip it, hold it, squeeze it, place it… these are the solutions for you! 


Our Leak Testers family of products contains standard as well as uniquely customized manual, semi-automated, and fully automated leak test packages.  We develop leak testing solutions for simple and challenging nozzles, weldment assemblies, hose bundles, injection moldings, composite structures, and more!


MRD Seal Housings and Connectors represents our vast range of SEALFAST® Inflatable and Mechanical: general seal housings, shaft seal housings, dynamic & slip joint seal housings, dresser sleeves, flange adaptors, spherical connectors, and rigid pipe connectors.


MRD pressure sealing and functional tools typically come with our own premium SEALFAST® Inflatable and Mechanical Seals, which we also sell directly to you!  Seals in nearly any, shape, size, and material, molded and vulcanized to your specifications at Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. in rapid lead times.


In addition to the above, see our Industry-Specialized Tools: Oil & Gas Tools; Underwater Tools – Marine Construction and ROV-Installed Tools; Construction Tools; Nuclear Tools; Environmental Tools; Industrial Tools; Robotic Tools; and more, below – and on our Products by Industry Page!

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See our extensive collections of isolation and test tooling. These tools can be customized to meet any application need.

There are countless ways to utilize our SEALFAST® Seals and Seal Housings in many industries from picking up and placing parts to filling and supporting components. See our work assistive technology below or customize your own solution.

Leak testing tools come in a wide range of sizes and functions, with the primary purpose of verifying whether a component, part, or assembly is free of leaks. We fabricate small hand held manual testers, component testers to adapt to existing automation systems, as well as fully automated turnkey test and data processing units.

Our seal housings come with and without built-in holding capabilities, when joining and sealing two components. The units are used as temporary and long-term pipe connections, flange adaptors, and to aid in optimizing industrial instrumentation testing.

In-house seal design and vulcanization. We manufacture mechanical and inflatable seals out of a variety of in-stock materials in almost any shape and size.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. focuses on designing standard & state-of-the-art fluid and mud containment solutions, drilling support structures and frames, riser stacks, for upstream functions, as well as the maintenance and test tools required in midstream/downstream oil and gas (refineries, transport pipelines, and storage vessels).

Tools required in the nuclear power, fuel processing, and storage industries, require the highest level of competency, quality, and performance. Our tools can be found throughout the world in reactor isolation and maintenance, process water line maintenance, refueling pools, and as primary containment devices.

Our products are designed with ROV operability in mind, from: buoyancy control, trim, corrosion resistant functional materials, and maximum operability for a wide range of ROV classes and configurations. Common tool applications include subsea isolation and repair, de-commissioning and pipeline abandonment, to even include subsea connectors and clamps.

While our tools are used heavily in the construction industry, our isolation and test tools have made their name in underwater construction, for supporting critical diver-required, remote installations. We provide an entire line of diving tools to support subsea repair, construction, testing, and salvage operations.

Isolation, test, and work assist tools for the municipal, wastewater treatment, and general construction industries. Find pipeline test and isolation: plugs, joint testers, bulkheads and large isolation barriers, seal housings and pipe connectors, lifting and pipe pulling tools, and more here!
MRD works closely with Industrial Product engineers and technicians to design product lifting, placement, and leak test tools. Our Work Assist Tools are used for lifting, positioning, supporting, for packaging and filling operations, and more. MRD Leak Testers are used to validate parts or assemblies for leaks, both in final assembly form, or during progressive manufacturing processes.

MRD Isolation and Test tools are used in the prevention of environmental accidents, leaks, and spills across many industries. We provide many pressure-rated fluid isolation and containment barriers such as: pipe plugs, annular sealing tools, and bulkheads and isolation barriers. Our Connectors also provide leak mitigation and our Leak Testers verify components, assemblies, and products before leaks become an issue.


Automated processes that aid or are assisted by robotics are one of our specialties. We provide end effectors and robotic attachments for existing and new-build work positioning, automated leak testing, and NDE functions, up to and including full robotic solutions.



MRD are providers of standard and fully customized, application-specific piping, tubing, and fitting component systems, including: pressure testers, leak testers, and burst test equipment. We provide products for pipe manufacturers, research laboratories, and for construction field verification.


Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. provides a wide range of test and operational equipment for our tools including: pumps, gauges, valves, hoses, manifolds, and more. We also design, fabricate, and assemble control panels, hose management systems, and umbilicals used in: nuclear power, offshore oil & gas, subsea operations, and municipal water distribution, to name a few.



Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi

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