Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is an engineering and production firm that provides custom sealing solutions, specializing in application specific design, manufacture, research & development, and consultation services. Though we produce many standard solutions, the vast majority of our products are one-off products centered around some of the most challenging installation and demanding long-term performance requirements in the world, from deep below New York City, to the jungles of South America, and even offshore Africa. We work hand in hand with specifying engineers, design engineers, construction contractors, subsea divers, project managers and ROV operators to design, manufacture, and validate some of the most unique and cutting-edge tools in existence… typically in staggeringly short lead times, servicing industries that do not have any other option than to have the right working solution the first time.


The Entire Solution: Since we are a design, consultation, fabrication (elastomers and metal), testing services, R&D, and field engineering firm, we can offer full turnkey solutions, from the initial assessment of the problem, through commissioning our products offsite. We combine our elastomer sealing and holding products with complex structures to perform every task imaginable. We also work with the best service providers in each industry to recommend people who know how to do things right at the most affordable costs. Ask for a recommendation today!

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi


Design Powerhouse: We have coupled some of the most skilled and experienced design engineers with cutting edge software and test tools to offer the most flexible design team in the industry. We utilize SolidWorks® Simulation for our Linear and Non-Linear studies (pressure and structural design), incorporating PDM to allow multiple engineers to work on single projects at once. Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. also provides consultation to our customers in the form of general solutions assessment, bid preparation review, and new product design assistance to meet any code or standard.


General Machining and Weld Fabrication: Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. houses their own turnkey large-scale machining, turning, welding, and assembly operations, all supported with two large bridge crane bays which allow us to handle large modular product components. We have expanded our capabilities from small, intricate part manufacturing to large, custom fabrication and product assembly.

SEALFAST® Elastomers: MRD houses its own internal seal design (we utilize SolidWorks® Simulation Non-Linear FEA), testing, and manufacturing services that includes onsite tooling fabrication, rubber vulcanization/molding services, as well as cycle and performance testing. No seal size, shape, profile, or application is too demanding, including: aircraft cockpit seals; nuclear containment; environmental control; as well as industrial lifting, work-holding, pneumatic actuating, and leak testing.


Testing/Validation: Thanks to our in-house fabrication capabilities, there is no limit to the size and scope of product testing capabilities. If you can imagine it, we can test it. We utilize our “Lab” and extensive collection of instrumentation, including pressure sensitive films, to determine sealing profiles, verify fabricated product strain, and function. From concrete pressure vessels simulating as-measured tunnels to fully functional ROV test tanks, we can prove to you our products work before you need them.


True to our name, we live Research & Development daily. As we keep building upon each of our custom solutions, we test and re-test new ideas for soundness of design, as well as fatigue or cycle life.  We continually expand our tool box and provide our customers the most reliable tools on the market. Our engineers and technicians also aid our clients in validating and proving their own ideas as part of our services.


Applications Engineering Service and Field Support: At MRD, we love to speak to our customers and assist in the field, sharing our expertise from thousands of previous projects. Our customers are often some of the most creative and experienced engineers, technicians, or product support specialists you can find. We love to work with you to get all of the answers that define a complicated design problem to ensure things can be installed the first time, correctly. We can bring our decades of experience to the table, which allow us to show real life functional solutions at fair prices. Our services do not end in the office, we love to see our products commissioned and tested in the actual application and will travel all over the world to assist our clients, at a moment’s notice.

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. | Innovation Redefined | Manitowoc Wi

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