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MRD Environmental is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s designed and developed product solutions for environmental mitigation, containment, and leak prevention verification. MRD Environmental products are used across many industries, including: Oil & Gas, Nuclear, General Construction, Waste Containment and Conveyance, Environmental Services, and more. We provide both standard and customized engineered solutions to our clients, from design, through fabrication, testing, and onsite assistance.

MRD Environmental tools are used in many applications, including: toxic chemical containment isolation barriers and bulkheads; waste pipeline, tunnel, and vessel leak testers to prevent future spills; drain stop plugs to prevent spills from reaching nearby water supplies; hatchery pool floor covers to allow maintenance activities; reliable hydrocarbon extraction seal housings and connectors for mud and cuttings containment; wastewater treatment plant deployable bulkheads and sealing barriers allowing construction service for aged infrastructure, pipelines, and valves; nuclear waste and fuel storage tool containment pressure barriers; and much more! We supply general sealing products, pipeline couplers and connectors, leak testers, lifting tools, sealing bulkheads, pipe plugs, joint testers, annular seals, and other customized products, often employing our in-house vulcanized, molded, or formed SEALFAST® Elastomers mechanical and inflatable seals. MRD Environmental products are designed, fabricated, and tested at our shop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in our large, modern engineering-production facility.

We are a different kind of company — preferring to speak with our customers, understand the problem, and provide a multitude of potential solutions we have seen work many times before, no matter how complicated the task. From project specification development through product commissioning, we work with waste technicians, environmental engineers, wastewater treatment plant operators, distributors, and more to provide the right solution the first time! MRD Environmental solutions were tested and developed with years of research & development at The Lab at Mechanical Research; all products are field proven to meet our customers specific application needs.

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