MRD Industrial | General Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Workplace Maintenance, Factory Support Tooling

MRD Industrial is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Industrial products division – servicing general manufacturing, industrial automation, workplace maintenance, and other factory support tooling. We design and manufacture engineered solutions that can be used in final products, can be used to test or verify manufactured products and assemblies, and others to support basic facility upkeep operations. MRD Industrial offers decades of experience supporting our customer’s manufacturing needs with tested and proven sealing, handling, and functional solutions.


MRD Industrial products include: leak tester and pressure decay tools – from standard offerings through fully automated turnkey systems; product lifting and work-positioning tools; packing and filling tools; isolation and pressure test barriers for maintenance tasks; SEALFAST® Elastomers inflatable and mechanical seals for use in every process design; seal housings for leak testing or lift support for attachment to robotic end effectors, and much more. We make products with human and robot factors in mind!


MRD Industrial leak testers have been made for hose assemblies, fittings, aircraft components, spacecraft, water coolers, catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, fry pots, coffee pots, speaker housings, appliances, dust collectors, and just about everything requiring leak verification in and out of this world. Our packing and filling sealing solutions are used in product packaging facilities, including pharmaceuticals, paint packaging, cement and coal transfer devices, and petrochemical processing to name a few. Our MRD Industrial lifting, work-positioning, support, and pneumatic actuator lines are extremely expansive and diverse – utilizing non-marring inflatable seals or mechanical grippers to perform a variety of critical, repetitive work functions.


As with all of our other product divisions, we provide top-of-the-line engineering support, through specification development and onsite commissioning. We have been onsite at plants and facilities all over the world — give our experienced applications engineers a call today and we will help you choose the right solution the first time!

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