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MRD Underwater is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Marine Construction, ROV Tool, and Subsea Engineered Solutions Division. MRD Underwater provides cutting-edge, tested products, for the unique installation and product sustainability challenges present in freshwater and saltwater environments. Our solutions can be found in the following industries and applications: potable water transport tunnels, channels, and pipelines; wastewater plants and conveyance systems; general construction fluid containment and pressure testing; subsea Oil & Gas drilling stacks, sea chests, and pipeline; nuclear re-fueling and waste storage pools; hydroelectric and general dam tunnel, intake, penstock, and tailstock maintenance; dry dock isolation and repair; marine salvage operations; and virtually anywhere a diving technician or ROV is present. We do the best work under pressure — underwater!

MRD Underwater tools are designed for permanent use as well as for portable, temporary service. MRD Underwater products include pressure isolation barriers and sealing bulkheads; general isolation and pressure test pipe plugs; pipeline abandonment plugs; subsea pipeline clamps and connectors; underwater lifting, support, and handling aids; underwater debris safety blocks; marine hatches and covers; subsea offshore drilling production tool repair and support products; underwater grout forms; and more customized subsea isolation, test, structural, and functional solutions — with most designs available for diver or ROV installation.

MRD Underwater Tools have been in service for decades in some of the harshest subsea conditions in the industry. Many of our products can be designed to meet ASME®, API®, DNV®, ABS®, and other industry standard pressure and structural codes. MRD Underwater Tools can also come with a variety marine material, coating, and anodic protection options to sustain operations and product life in marine settings. We help diving technicians, marine and offshore engineers, ROV operators, and project managers every day. Give our experienced applications engineers a call today and we will help you choose the right solution the first time!

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