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MRD Nuclear is Mechanical Research & Design, Inc.’s Engineered Solutions for Nuclear Power Production, Defense, Research, and De-Commissioning Division. We provide tools and services to meet the high quality and safety level requirements of the nuclear industry that focus on reliability, operability, and deliverability in rapid lead times. MRD Nuclear products are the combination of our dedication to Research & Development, coupled with listening to our customers needs — decades of working hand-in-hand with nuclear site and process engineers; safety and maintenance engineers, technicians, and managers; research professionals; healthcare tooling manufacturers, and outage management teams.


MRD Nuclear provides solutions including: reactor isolation and maintenance tools; pressure isolation and containment sealing barriers; general process pipeline pressure test verification tools; fuel handling and support tools; Outage Equipment Hatches (OEH); remote installation and robotic installation test and isolation tools; warhead handling and de-commissioning tools; and much more! We also support tooling designed for underwater diver installations in nuclear settings and process power support systems. Our tooling collections include solutions for Boiling Water Reactors (BWR’s), Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR’s), and other experimental reactor design types, supporting process systems, and fuel storage sites.


MRD Nuclear integrates our in-house designed and manufactured SEALFAST® Elastomers into our pressure sealing, functional, and structural tooling solutions, taking advantage of our innovative onsite validation Lab. Our durable seals are specifically designed for the most critical safety tasks, including lifting, picking, supporting, positioning, and sealing dangerous radiological hazards – in almost every shape and size. MRD Nuclear also specializes in the strict nuclear code design, manufacturing, foreign material exclusion (FME), and counterfeit, fraudulent, suspect items (CFSI) requirements demanded by the industry. We have been on-site at plants and facilities all over the world — give our experienced applications engineers a call today and we will help you choose the right solution the first time!

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